Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a POP BOOK photobook?

A. Our POP BOOK photobooks are small, pocket or handbag sized photobooks made up of your own images and printed on our award winning silver halide photographic paper. They come in two sizes, 10x10cm and 13x13cm, and two surfaces, gloss and lustre/matt. They are fun, easy to share around and store. They are durable and mark resistant.

Q. What can I do with the POP BOOK photobook app?

A. The app allows the user to create a POP BOOK photobook from their smartphone images, online stored images including from Facebook and Instagram, add filters, borders and text and then either share the POP BOOK photobook digitally online with friends and followers, or send it to us from the app to print as a real POP BOOK photobook! 

Q. Can people I share my POP BOOK with online also buy it?

A. Yes, when they visit the webpage showing your shared POP BOOK they will see a buy now button. Others who have your POP BOOK link can purchase your POP BOOK even you have not purchased it yourself.

Q. Can I stop a POP BOOK being purchased by someone who has the shared POP BOOK link?

A. Yes. In the app when making your POP BOOK there is a tick box in the ‘share via’ screen that allows you to switch your POP BOOK creation to non buyable or buyable. You can also toggle this option on and off in your account settings on the POP BOOK website. 

Q. I originally declined the app access to my photos, how do I reset that?

A. Go to "Settings > Privacy > Photos", then enable POP BOOK. 

Q. Is there a POP BOOK photobook Facebook app?

A. Yes, our Facebook app allows users of the POP BOOK photobook app to retrieve and use their albums and images within the POP BOOK photobook app itself and also share a POP BOOK photobook digitally on the users Facebook timeline.

Q. Is there an iOS and Android version of the app?

A. Yes, there are Apple iOS and Android versions available. We have no intention of releasing a Windows Phone version.

Q. What payments can I use in the app to buy POP BOOK photobooks?

A. We accept all major credit cards.

Q. Is the POP BOOK app and website PCI Compliant?

A. Yes, the POP BOOK app and website have full Trustwave PCI Compliance. It is more than safe because we also do not store customer payment data as this is handled by Stripe, the payment gateway provider, in a one off encrypted transaction between the app and Stripe servers. 

Q. Is there a dedicated POP BOOK photobook website?

A. Yes, we have a website located at where POP BOOK photobook app users can manage their account, change or add addresses, re-order POP BOOKs, delete shared POP BOOKs, toggle on/off buyable shared POP BOOKs, contact us etc.

Q. Does anyone else make anything like a POP BOOK photobook?

A. We do not comment on other companies products. However, we feel POP BOOK photobooks are the most compact, well made, durable, real photo paper, inexpensive mini photobooks currently available.

Q. Does a POP BOOK photobook have any branding on it?

A. POP BOOK photobooks are 22 pages in size including the front and back covers. We only put the POP BOOK brand logo and website address on the back cover. We also place a small order reference number on the back cover so that you have a reference in case of a query about your POP BOOK photobook.

Q. If I have a problem with the running of the app or I think I have found a bug, who do I contact?

A. You can contact us at

Q. If I have a complaint to make about the app, including incorrect payment taken, compromised user account, forgotten password, invalid voucher/discount code etc, who do I contact?

A. You can contact us at Please quote name, postcode and login email address.

Q. How quickly do you respond to email queries?

A. We aim to respond to customer emails the same working day, or at least within 24 hours. Our office hours are 0900 – 1700 Monday to Friday. Normal UK holiday periods also have an effect on our response time, for example during bank holidays, Christmas and New Year. 

Q. Do you have a contact phone number?

A. The quickest way to reach us is via email at

Q. Are POP BOOK staff and customer service based in the UK?

A. Yes, the POP BOOK customer service team, management, technical staff and web and app development teams are all based in the UK.