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Share Memories This Mother's Day

Share Memories This Mother's Day
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We are a sentimental bunch.

Does every species cling on to memories in the same way we do? Obviously a dog can’t make a scrapbook or share a picture on Instagram - but does it have favourite memories? Does it remember being a puppy?

There’s a whole bunch of scientific theories about why memories are so important. Not only do we learn from them, but they transform the way we think and, ultimately, who we become.

Memories are precious. That’s why I have numerous albums filled with photos documenting my entire childhood - because my parents didn’t want to forget all those ‘firsts’ I experienced growing up. They wanted to capture and remember all those special moments.

Photography is one of the best ways to document memories. No other medium (except video - which is moving photography) can capture a moment in time so effectively.

That’s why even today, the top social media channels (Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) are built around taking and sharing photos.

There are so many good gifts you could give your Mum on Mother’s Day. But nothing will ever beat the gift of memory; the gift of photography.

And so, here’s 5 POP BOOK ideas that you can create! Simply download the app to get started!

1. Classic Family Photos

Nothing beats a classic collection of family photos.


POP BOOKs are the perfect size for keeping in your handbag, so why not make your Mum a motivational book full of quotes that she can carry around with her?

3. Highlights of the Year

Try a round-up of all the highlights from the past year. The best thing about this is you can do it every year, and over time you’ll develop a collection of all the best moments!

4. "20 Things I Love About Mum"

A POP BOOK allows you to upload 21 photos. The first photo is the cover photo, where you could add text to create the title “20 Things I Love About Mum” - that leaves you 20 images that you can use to fill your POP BOOK.

5. Favourite Recipes

Get creative with your POP BOOK and make a mini album of your favourite recipes.

6. Then & Now

Use your POP BOOK to show how much your family has changed by placing a “then” photo from the past on the left hand side, next to a “now” photo on the right hand side.

Now it's your turn! Get creative and share your POP BOOK's with us on Instagram using the hashtag #POPBOOKPhotobooks (we'll share our favourites!).