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Bonfire Night Ideas for the Family

Bonfire Night Ideas for the Family
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“Remember, remember, the fifth of November - gunpowder, treason and plot.”

It’s a bit weird, really, that us Brits celebrate the fact that The Houses of Parliament nearly got blown up in one of the earliest planned acts of terrorism.

Nevertheless, there’s something magical about huddling around the bonfire with a hot chocolate, admiring the colours and patterns of fireworks.

November has come around quickly, but here are some last-minute ideas for the whole family to get involved in...

Crafts to try during the day...

Rocket Garland

Who says you can't have fireworks in the house? This easy DIY is a fun activity to do in the day, and even pack an 'explosive' confetti surprise!

This activity appeals to children (and adults!) of all ages - just make sure you have a vacuum cleaner at the ready!

Cupcake Firework Art

For something a little less messier, this cupcake liner firework art craft is just as stimulating.

It's super-easy as well, just cut strips in the sides of decorative cupcake liners and stick to black paper to create your own firework display. And even if you only have plain cupcake liners to hand, use paint/glitter/felt tip pens to add more colour and sparkle!

Snacks to prepare...

Toffee Apples

These traditional toffee apples are simple to make and a classic autumnal treat.

Simply combine sugar and water and heat to make your own toffee (add cinnamon or pumpkin spice for taste if you like). Skewer apples and dip into the toffee. Allow to cool for 30 minutes and voila!

Apple Dippers

This is perfect if you think a whole toffee apple might be too much for the little ones.

This method uses apple slices on skewers which can be dipped either in the homemade toffee mentioned above, or in melted chocolate with added sprinkles.

Nutella Hot Chocolate

Nothing warms you up on a cold autumn day quite like a mug of hot chocolate, and this recipe uses Nutella!

(NB: Marshmallows are NOT optional, and in fact a must-have for all types of hot chocolate)

Fruit Rockets

Want to make a healthy but fun snack, try these easy fruit rockets. A fun way to get the kids to eat better!

Simply choose your fruit and assemble on kebab skewers. You can use anything you like, but strawberries work best at the top to help give that ‘rocket’ shape.

Autumn Leaves Gingerbread

These adorable autumn leaf gingerbread biscuits are a bit more tricky to create, but look so effective!

If you’ve ever dabbled in sponge painting, then you’ll be able to recreate this recipe with ease. But even without the painted icing - these leaf-shaped gingerbread biscuits add an autumnal twist to a classic (and delicious) snack!

When it gets dark...

Glow Stick Games


Use glow sticks to make garden games extra-special at night! Add glow sticks to water bottles for easy glow-in-the-dark bowling and/or ring toss, and attach them to balls and rackets for glow-in-the-dark tennis!

DIY Outdoor Lounge

Create your own comfortable VIP outdoor lounge to view the fireworks in style! Simply fill an inflatable pool with lots of blankets and cushions and cuddle up for warmth.

You could even use hot water bottles to make it extra cosy!

Share your family Bonfire Night ideas in the comments below!