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Behind The Photo: Helen from Talking Mums

Behind The Photo: Helen from Talking Mums
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We all love photographs, because they remind us of a special memories with loved ones.

Our #BehindThePhoto blog series asks bloggers and photographers to share the story behind their favourite photograph. This week, we hear from Helen from Talking Mums...

The Photo

The Story Behind The Photo

This is a photo of my little pumpkins with Daddy. It was taken at Bolton Abbey during our little adventure over the summer holidays. For me, this photo encapsulates what family time is for, what it means to me and what holidays are all about.

At the point this photo was taken we'd already walked the 2 miles from The Strid caravan site at which the motorhome was parked. The Strid is up at the northerly end of the Bolton Abbey estate. Before this last stop on our road trip we have travelled from just outside Chester, up to Skelwith in the Lake District, Loch Lomond, Pitlochry and then Alnwick. 730 miles in total. We hired a motorhome and set out on the road to see some beautiful sights in the UK. We had lots of rain and at times it was certainly testing but we still managed to have so much fun together.

The location of the photo was just before the fabulous wellie walk of Bolton Abbey. This is a fun series of obstacles for kids to get stuck into, climb and get over. We'd just had a delicious lunch and a rather large slice of cake at The Cavendish.

Bu why do I love this photo so much? In the day to day routine of school runs, after school clubs and homework it's easy to lose sight of enjoying a moment. Whilst walking to school we don't have the time to stop and admire what's around us. In an attempt to maintain a clean uniform we certainly don't jump in puddles. Rushing around we can forget to really engage with each other and actually enjoy one another's company. In fact, often I can get wound up for no reason at all.

However, in this moment and many others during our recent holiday we weren't in a rush. We weren't separated by work commitments, and we weren't at each other's throats. We were all happy and simply jumping in water, not caring about getting wet or dirty. We didn't have to think about what time it was or what jobs needed doing. We could just enjoy the moment - and this moment was full of laughter and giggles.

After jumping, my children explored the area, picking up stones and asking many questions. My mind didn't wander to matters unimportant, and I was able to enjoy being present in the moment.

Bolton Abbey is, by far, one of my happy places!

The photo also reminds me of how much of a monkey our youngest is. I never thought we would use reins on out children but for this trip they really were a must. Had we not used them I do fear we would have been swimming downriver after the youngest... he may be small, but he is fierce!

Holidays (and weekends to some extent) are about family time, to switch off from the outside world and really enjoy each other's company. Not to get hung up about the kids or be anxious about work. As Albert Einstein said, "rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life."