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Behind The Photo: Natalie from Me Me and Harri

Behind The Photo: Natalie from Me Me and Harri
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We love our #BehindThePhoto blog series, because we get to learn about important photographs from bloggers and photographers.

This time, it's the turn of Natalie from Me Me and Harri...

The Photo

The Story Behind The Photo

This picture pretty much sums up our year.

The year 2017 has been filled with change in our family. It started with the introduction of our third and final baby and it was also the start of a whole new challenge for my husband who began a new job.

The job was in a new city with a longer commute so we were worries about how this would affect us, especially with us having a new addition. Time (and sleep!) became even more precious, with my husband not returning home until after the little ones were in bed, resulting in our special time together as a family being squeezed into two days on the weekends.

So there and then, in early January, we made a pact - to make the most of those two special days and to go on as many adventures as we could. Squeezing our family of five into the car and going on road trips to see as much of our beautiful country as possible.

It could have easily been another New Year resolution that was completely forgotten about after a few weeks (rather like the gym) and, truthfully, there have been occasions when I moaned about the distance or all the housework that I should have been doing.

We kept our promise though.

We have been on so many adventures, we have packed up our car and sometimes driven for hours to explore new places together.

This capture was after a long drive to Cardigan Bay. Collecting the kids from school on a Friday, the car packed high and bikes securely attached to the roof before beginning our four hour journey. We arrived late and, after checking in, went for a quick run on the beach. It was the start of a great weekend.

So, when I look at this photo I see freedom, adventure, family and - most importantly - love.

2017 was our year of adventure.